My mission: Play Yourself!

Inner musicianship is living from the inside out and do what you love the best

That’s not easy, because the insistence to copy, to comply or to fill a gap in the market is present throughout society. Despite this, your true value begins with knowing and accepting who you are. Make that your starting point in your musical development and study, and give it form in all your musical expressions.

Music is tangible,audible and always in the moment. Music doesn’t lie. In the words of Misha Mengelberg, there are only two kinds of music, music you like and music you don’t like, and to me that’s what it all comes down to. Let go of the dogmas and you’ll hear it. Stay true to it.

I coach individuals and ensembles in lessons and workshops on making music on the cutting edge. The musical content is what it’s all about. Once that is established the sparks begin to fly. The form is always in service to this content.

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don’t play anyone else

don’t wait till tomorrow

it is within yourself

that you give meaning

to the world


let your voice be heard

through your music

let us encounter

the player


this is the moment

don’t wait

tomorrow never comes

life is now