The Heart of the Matter

Get the max out of your exam-project and learn how to do projects for the rest of your life!

 >Concept elective<

Realising a new project is about doing something you probably never did before, or not in this way. It is exciting! In a well chosen project you grow. To realise the full potential of both the project and your own growth, you must, from the start, protect the essence: The Heart of the Matter!

Otherwise you might realise only the ‘smaller version’ of your project. That is something that often happens when difficulties occur during a project. And difficulties there will always be. They can be threads or they can be possibilities to grow over your own boundaries. It’s up to you what will happen, so you better be prepared!

From Inspiration to Realization of your idea

Become a skilled project owner…

You start with writing down the bare essence of your project: The Heart of the Matter.
What are the things that may not be skipped or reduced, for otherwise it will not be the project that you want to realise? And when will you perform? Saying this out loud will keep you from postponing, which would mean a loss of the original energy of the project.

Content and time form the contract that you make with yourself. During the course we will design the roadmap. We will use all our inventiveness and creativity on how to get there, but we will not change the goals of your project, for they are the motor for your creativity.

…and an appreciated coach

Then you work in pairs: you are the owner of your own project and a fellow student will be your coach: the sparring partner for your decisions and a guard for the goals of your project. And vice versa, so you will master both the role of the owner and the role of the coach of someone else’s project. At regular intervals during the year we come together and monitor how things are going and how to face the difficulties that you encounter.

What kind of project is the course meant for?
The principles of ‘The Heart of the Matter’ go for all projects that are important for you. The idea is that you learn how to work this way so that you can apply the process to projects throughout your professional life. The final concert is an ideal project to learn this: you will have a great concert, grow as a musician and learn to become an inspiring project owner for anything you want to realise in the future.


Current Elective at ArtEZ University of the Arts Arnhem see Become the Owner of your Learning